After all zine expenses are paid, we will be donating the remaining profits to the Garment Worker Center charity.

"Our vision is that Los Angeles garment workers transform the fashion industry to eliminate sweatshop labor.
"Workers lead the fight for safe and dignified workplace with fair wages. We build power from the bottom up for social and economic justice."


Welcome to COUTURE: A BTS x high fashion art zine.

A zine in this context is a collection of artworks by a group of curated artists, all put together into one booklet. Artists for this zine will draw the 7 members of BTS in high fashion. Look forward to haute couture, designer brands, avant-garde styles, ballroom, cores, eras, and dudes in dresses.

COUTURE is planned to be an 8.5 x 11 " digital and physical zine with digital and physical merchandise. It will feature 38 artists whom you can meet here, and 11 mods whom you can meet here. Our release date is May 8.

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Our FAQ. To submit questions, visit our CuriousCat.

What is the theme of COUTURE?
— High fashion and, as one might guess, haute couture.

Are minors allowed to apply?
— Yes!

Is COUTURE for-profit?
— This is a charity zine. After zine expenses are paid, all leftover money earned will be donated to the Garment Worker Center charity.

How much will the zine cost?
— The digital copy of COUTURE will be $15, and the physical copy $25.

Is NSFW allowed?
— As we are accepting minors, we will not accept graphic NSFW. Light nudity is allowed, ie., a bare chest.

Is it alright if artists only draw (insert member)?
— Yes. We will encourage a roughly equal distribution of artworks per member, but artists can draw whichever members they please.

Can artists use old pieces for the zine?
—You'll be making new pieces that have not seen the light of social media, specifically for the zine's theme!

What are you looking for in applications?
— In terms of artwork, we're looking for drawings of BTS and/or styled clothing. We mean an artist's use of any of the following: clothing folds, patterns, textures, jewelry, attention to detail/silhouette, etc. Knowledge of haute couture fashion shows is not required as we'll have a channel in our Discord server dedicated to resources. We also want to see passion for style and/or the zine itself!

Do merchandise designers need experience?
— Experience designing merch such as stickers, charms, and lockscreens is nice, but not necessary if the artist understands how to design these things anyway! You'll also not be responsible whatsoever for the actual production of your design; us mods will handle that.


Meet our moderator team! Click here to see the full line-up on Twitter.

8 mods of COUTURE have formed a zine moderating team. Learn more about our group here!


Meet our artists! Click here to see the full line-up on Twitter.